The first page of the Book of Exodus

Exodus is the second book of the Bible and one of five books referred to as the Torah, which was written by Moses. The Book of Exodus begins with a new king coming to power who didn't know what Joeseph had done for Egypt. The new king enslaved the Hebrews to keep down their population, but they kept having children. He spoke to two Hebrew midwives, Shiphrah and Puah, and told them to kill any baby boys that the Hebrews had. But the midwives had respect for God and didn't do what the king had ordered. The king of Egypt called them in and asked them why they had let the babies live. The midwives replied that the Hebrew women had already had the babies by the time the they got there. Then the king issued an order to his people, that every boy that was born, to drown him in the Nile River. A Hebrew woman had a son and saw that something was special about him, so she hid him for three months. After she couldn't hide him any longer, she set him on the river on a basket, where he was found by the Pharaoh's daughter. The boy's older sister told the princess that she could find a Hebrew woman to nurse him. The girl brought the boy's mother, and after a time, the Pharaoh's daughter adopted him and named him Moses.